Jacqueline Alma is a fine artist from Cape Town, South Africa who is now living and working in Bermuda. She holds a Post Graduate in Portraiture from Heatherley’s School of Fine Art, London, UK
  • Name:Jacqueline Alma
  • Year of birth:1965
  • Nationality:Dutch
I am constantly questioning colour, tone and how the objects relate to each other in space.

Rather than present a harmonious vision of idealized beauty or identity, Alma is more interested in depicting the vulnerable and authentic. Her portraits depict metaphors and symbols that provide a glimpse into their world.

Jacqueline Alma shares with us her world – the leaves and roots of her journey, the inspiration and challenges of the past and the nourishment of the future.

Education and Work

1973 – 1980    Frank Joubert Art School, Cape Town, South Africa – part time

1983 – 1986    Three Year Diploma in Graphic Design, Cape Technikon, South Africa

1987 – 2001    Fourteen Years Freelancing as Designer / Visualizer, London, UK

2001 – 2003    Two Year Diploma in Portraiture, Heatherley’s School of Fine Art, London, UK

2003 – 2004    Post Graduate in Portraiture, Heatherley’s School of Fine Art, London, UK



2003    Awarded The Heatherley’s Prize – Commendation from The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, London, UK

2011    Category Winner – Charman Prize, Masterworks, Bermuda

2012    Honorable Mention, Source of Inspiration – Charman Prize, Masterworks

2013    Honorable Mention, Design & Composition – Charman Prize, Masterworks

2015    Masterworks Prize – Charman Prize, Masterworks, Bermuda

2015    The Judge’s Choice – Charman Prize, Masterworks, Bermuda



The Red Thread by Antoine Hunt Photography

A Poem Without Words: Visual Artists in Bermuda and About Bermuda – The Artist’s Impression, Bermuda Culture Documentary Series. Produced by the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs.



Like a Tree Let the Dead Leaves Drop, 2019     ISBN: 9781513642192

Potloodboom, 2019. 100 Limited Edition Signed Sketchbooks.   ISBN: 9781513642208


2019    Like a Tree Let the Dead Leaves Drop, Solo Exhibition, Bermuda National Gallery, Bermuda

2017    The Power of Art, Bermuda National Gallery, Bermuda

2015    Charman Prize, Masterworks, Bermuda

2014    Paint it Black, Black History Month, Masterworks, Bermuda

2013    The Red Thread Solo Exhibition, Rick Fairies Gallery, Masterworks, Bermuda

2013    Women Artists in the Bermuda National Gallery Collection, Bermuda National Gallery, Bermuda

2013    Charman Prize, Masterworks, Bermuda

2012    Bacardi Limited Biennial, Bermuda National Gallery, Bermuda

2012    Charman Prize, Masterworks, Bermuda

2011    Charman Prize, Masterworks, Bermuda

2003    The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Mall Galleries, London, UK

2001    The Pastel Society, Mall Galleries, London, UK

2001    Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London, UK


Lectures / Talks

2019    Bermuda National Gallery Lecture Series

2013    The Red Thread, Masterworks

2011    Category Winners Lecture Series, Masterworks.


Works in private collections and galleries

Alma’s works can be seen in The Bermuda National Gallery, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art and in private collections in the U.K., Europe, Bermuda and South Africa.